real talk con III 2020

October 15, 2020


its time to level up!  real talk con III 2020

The 3rd annual real Talk conference

is going to change your business



Expected Take Aways

There is no conference like the Real Talk Conference in Miami!

💰   This year we take it to the bank!  showing you how to add more money to your business and to your bank account

💰   This year we bring special break away sessions in the middle of the day - luxury marketing and sales - new agent bootcamp - broker/ owner/ team leader business building - team development 

💰  this year we bring some of the top team leaders to show you how to go from $0 to $400m in sales.  how to build it - manage it - maintain it

👉🏻  this year we show you how you can level up your business by leveraging relationships to generate more business

👉🏻  This year we crush the idea of lead generation!  Thats right - I said it - crush lead generation!

👉🏻  this year we give you a billion dollar focus with a trillion dollar mindset!  

👉🏻  this year we remove the word failure from your vocabulary

👉🏻  this year we help you put systems into place that will create massive automation and delivery at a high level.  helping you stay in front of your clients all day, every day!

👉🏻  this year we focus on action - planning - development

👉🏻  this year we show you how to leverage ancillary income with clients you already have!

👉🏻  this year we will close online leads before you leave!!  so you better bring your laptop! 

👉🏻  this year we go through some Facebook ads that are proven to convert leads to clients

👉🏻  this year we deep dive into video marketing 

👉🏻  this year we show you how to net 7 figures!!!!!

👉🏻  this year we help you dominate with your brand and build authority

are you ready!!???? 


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