real talk con III 2020

October 15, 2020


its time to level up!  real talk con III 2020

Expected Take Aways

At Real Talk Con you can expect to take away some massive information!  Speakers from all over the country are coming to Miami to leave you with:

 How to add MILLIONS in sales to your pipeline right now! 


✅ How to attract, engage and convert today’s internet distracted consumer. 


✅ The rules of Social Engagement and Social Branding. 


✅ How to get millions in video engagements and leave your competition in the dust. 


✅ Marketing messaging that meets your audience where they’re at.


✅ Learn from top business men and woman in The World.

✅ Build authority and create a dominant brand.


✅ Learn the systems and processes to add 100 or 200 transactions a year in a down market. 


✅ What it takes for a team to net 7 digits. 


✅ Develop the mental strength required to run a business at high levels

✅ Develop massive focus on marketing, exposure, sales, retention 

✅ Learn the Real Estate Investment side of the business with our Investment panel and specialist!

✅ And soooo much more.......


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