Real Investment Specialist

I have been in the Investment world for more than than three years and after doing over 100's of transactions i have learned alot not only about what a great deal looks like but also what it takes to be creative and find deals in such a competitive market. You not only need to be smart with numbers and real estate works but you have to really understand branding and marketing. The more I do the business the more I understand we need to be marketing monsters. The more data you understand and the better you are at marketing the more opportunities you will have. This business is very small and you need to stay ethical and do things correctly to last long.


I never got into this business to be a 1 year wonder, I got in to last long and to grow way beyond wholesales and flips. Through the business i have met great people and created amazing relationships.


Now that I really understand the business and know how to scale I have dedicated my time to helping others learn and grow with me. I have learned if I want to master something I have to learn how to teach it and see others succeed.


One of my best strength is my ability to keep pushing and staying positive. Understanding that failure is part of the process. Falling in love with failure is so important because without it you cant grow. you end up getting scared and holding yourself back.


I am doing better head shots but for now I hope this works.