Yuliya (Julie) Sidorevskaya


Yuliya “Julie” Sidorevskaya arrived on the sandy shores of Miami Beach at the age of 9 when her family migrated from Belarus in 1992. They came directly to North Bay Village, the bayside city that would eventually become the hub for her real estate empire. Julie plunged head first into living the American dream, mastering English and Spanish as she embraced Miami’s ethnic diversity. To Julie and her family, America was the land of opportunity and she was going to make the most of it all. While just a young teenager, Julie hit the ground running by teaching her aunt, a real estate agent, the computer skills that were necessary to thrive in Miami’s booming house and condo markets. Throughout high school, Julie balanced her after school activities as a varsity cheerleader and member of the badminton team, while continuing to help her aunt expand her business. It was during these formative years that Julie found a passion for real estate, a passion that would soon lead to the establishment of her now flourishing business. It was the quiet satisfaction of helping individuals and families find their dream homes that motivated Julie to earn her real estate license shortly after graduating high school in 2001. By 2004, Julie had gained the experience necessary to complete the demanding course work to earn her broker’s license. Shortly thereafter, through sheer determination and hard work, Julie’s Realty opened its doors. It was from this humble start that Julie’s Realty has become a major player in the South Florida real estate scene. 

Julie’s attention to detail and her “hands-on” approach have brought her not only fortune and fame, but also a loyal following of clients from all over the world. Julie’s passion is reflected in her agents and staff, with the teamwork to always exceed the client ‘s individual expectations. 

The purpose of Julie’s Realty will forever remain the same –“To create lifelong relationships with all of our clients.”