Broker/Founder at Realty Group, Inc.

I have been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. As the top 1% Agent in Minnesota and in the country, I have a proven track record. I am also the Founder and Broker of Realty Group, a full-service real estate brokerage.

At Realty Group, we truly believe it's the Broker that works for the Agents and not the Agents that work for the Broker. We treat all of our brokers/agents as CEO’s of their companies and we provide our business partners a business platform that includes but not limited to Technology, Support, Marketing, Training, Coaching, Broker Availability, Facilities, Philanthropy, Culture, Leads, and by far one of the most competitive Commission payout in this market, 100% PLUS. Yes OVER 100% Commission!!!

As one of the fastest growing Real Estate Companies, Realty Group attracts, promotes, develops, and supports Professional Real Estate Agents and Brokers. We are not looking to add just anyone and we are not right for everyone. But if you are serious about real estate and looking to grow your individual or team business, you must check it out. Over 300 successful real estate professionals at Realty Group can’t be wrong.